Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012

Option Bot Review - Get your Free 7 day Trial NOW!

Welcome to my Binary Option Bot review! My name is Ben and I have been trading binary options, or digital options, for about 2 years. 

When I started out I was just learning on my own and lost over $1,000 USD. That kind of hurt, so I did some research and found the Binary Options Winning Formula. It turned everything around for me! Now I make solid ROI on my Binary Options trades because I know how to predict the signals more accurately and am “In the Money” on most of my trades.

I still have one complaint and that is what it takes to find predictive signals, especially the time it takes to do all of the research. On top of being time consuming, it is still a bit risky! I can make mistakes and not interpret signals correctly. 

Then I came across the Option Bot software. It is a binary options signal software that takes the work out of finding predictive signals and it makes finding them much more accurate. I have tried a number of tools. Actually, 3 different tools so far and Options Bot is by far the best.

This is why I really like Options Bot:

  1. Fully customizable alert parameters.
  2. Accurate – the most accurate binary options indicator software I have found.
  3. Easy to use – but it also has some advanced parameters so you can grow into bigger things.
  4. Free 7 day trial – so you can test it for yourself (Use a demo Account to Avoid Losing Money). (Click here to test the Option Bot NOW Risk Free!)
  5. The trading panel is inside the software so you don’t need to open a separate browser and you can place your trades a lot faster.
  6. If you are new to binary options, just follow the steps in the member’s area. As you gain experience you can modify settings to optimize the software performance. This is the only software that will do this!

What I don’t like about Options Bot:

  1.  It works only on windows based computers. If you want to use it on a Mac you need to install virtual PC software and also install windows on your Mac.
  2. You have to let the software run in the background until you get an audio notification. In the short time you have to place your trade this can be a downside.

If you don’t trade Binary Options and would like to learn how to make loads of money trading, check out Binary Options Winning Formula. Once you get the hang of binary options and want to get more accurate signals with less work, check out Options Bot.

If you trade Binary Options already, check out Options Bot. You have nothing to lose with the 7 day free trial and it gives you better signals with a lot less work.  Try it out for yourself,Act Now and Get Your Free 7 Days Trial here :

One final thing, I do make a bit of money if you decide to purchase through this link, it helps me feed my family and I do appreciate.